RN 3 Heals Issues and Problems

I am indeed pleased by the outcome of my last post about RN 3 Heals Online Application for the following feedbacks and queries I have received. Such were truly unexpected. Thank you.

Although, I have achieved my aim to disseminate a critical information regarding RN 3 heals, I admit that I have overlooked some stuffs in most part of it.

At the very top is the LOCATION if whether or not the RN 3 Heals Application is exclusive in a particular Region.

The other one is more on the TECHNICALITIES that are beyond my control about the mailer deamon failure.

That is why, I get back immediately with this post to somehow present some solutions and resolve the issues beforehand.

NOTE: Please read up to the last part of this post. (Or you can just go straight to the last part. I’ve put a big NOTE there.)


So, my last post was based from two different sources. Most of the information was from an article regarding Region 6. But the application information is from our place which is Region 10.

I went to the DOH office myself to clarify if the information especially in the application part can be applicable to all Regions nationwide.

The good news is… IT IS!

P.S. Be really careful in your subject and follow it carefully with the right information.

(Since they are using one email to accommodate all the nurses nationwide, I think they are using “filter messages” according to location so the in charges can just go directly to them and check the emails there without the hassle of checking all the emails and manually looking for the particular location.)


This is the issue that is beyond my control nor DOH’s.=) So, I googled it to find out answers. Here is what I found.

Usually, “Failed Delivery” email from MAILER-DAEMON has its following reasons as to why the message was bounced back to you.
So, you might be receiving the same message like from my friend’s below: failed after I sent the message.

Remote host said: 554 delivery error: dd This account has been temporarily suspended. Please try again later. – mta1004.mail.sp2.yahoo.com

Please do comment below if you have received a different message or reason.

It might point to issues such as “over quota” meaning the owner of the email address might have already used up all the space for the email account. Since the email address is nationwide so to speak why. The email address is receiving tons of emails from nurses anywhere in the Philippines.

Another reason can also be in the mail server itself because sometimes they block those that are sending a lot of messages at once. (Since the email is receiving tons of emails nationwide so does the need of replying those all at once.)

It usually takes 24 hours before the server lets them back in again or even uncertain. What to do here is just remain patient. (Just send and send but with a particular gap having the 24 hour in mind.)


So, I received a comment below.

I dont think that they are accepting this thru email. One of the ways that you can tell that the email is bogus is when you received an email from malier daemon The only way to apply as I know is to submit your credentials to the DOH-CHD of your particular region. I called our DOH CHD Regional Office and they told me that I can send my application tru LBC addressed to the Director.I sent mine already.Heads up colleagues! ~ Ton2x

Then, the best thing to do is call you respective DOH-CHD of your particular region. They’ll be giving you alternative measures on what to do aside this online application. Like what the commentor did, he was told to just mail it through LBC.

Hope these could help.

Good day nurses!