Ongoing Assessment: Activity Intolerance

What you need to assess for activity intolerance is/are below:               Activities/Interventions Rationale Determine the patient’s perception of causes of fatigue or activity intolerance These may be temporary or permanent, physical or psychological. Assessment guides treatment. Assess the patient’s level of mobility This aids in defining what the patient […]

Nursing Care Plan: Activity Intolerance

Activity Intolerance Weakness; Deconditioned; Sedentary NANDA: Insufficient physiological or psychological energy to endure or complete required or desired daily activities Common Related Factors Generalized Weakness Deconditioned state Sedentary lifestyle Insufficient sleep or rest periods Depression or lack of motivation Prolonged bed rest Imposed activity restriction Imbalanced between oxygen supply and demand Pain Side effects of […]

Nurse Germz
Hey Nurses, Nurse Germz here. I am a dialysis nurse here in the Philippines saving lives milliliters per minute at a time for 7 years now and welcome to my blog as I take you with me in discovering nursing career.

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