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RN Heals 3

Good News Nurses!

If year 2011 ain’t so good enough, well you can cherish the last days of the year as you prepare your application to RN Heals 3 for this coming 2012. What a perfect new year wish.

Because again, DOH-CHD 6 is eyeing to hire 1,900 nurses for RN Heals 3 this 2012.

But by the way, haven’t you asked yourself as to what is the meaning behind the RN Heals 3? What I thought is that RN Heals is named as it is literally as in “RN Heals and touches lives.” What I did not know is that its real definition really is “Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Services”. Now I know.

It was Dr. Sofia S. Chua, chief of the Field Health Operations Division of the DOH-CHD 6 who disclosed the news in their consultative meeting for technical updates along with their media partners held in Iloilo City. Further explanations were made for its purpose to augment the human source need, especially skilled and experienced nurses, in rural and unserved or undeserved communities.

Looking back, two batches have already been successful in the deployment for this year 2011. About a total number of 765 nurses during the first batch last February while 710 for the second batch just last November. Now, another batch is yet to come for this RN Heals 3 2012.

I guess you already know the compensation but for the benefit of those who are not aware yet, 8,000 PHP is the said salary per month. In addition, they are constantly encouraging LGU for an additional 2,000 for allowances and benefits still per month. So that sums up to 10,000 monthly.

And the moment you are all been waiting for the RN Heals 3 Application.

Inclusive Date of application: December 13 – January 20, 2012

Attach the following documents to e-mail address: RNheals3@yahoo.com

1.) Application Letter
2.) Curriculum Vitae/Resume
3.) Transcript of Record
4.) PRC Card

Note: Please follow the subject format


(i.e Misamis Oriental_Initao_Cruz Karen_26_2008)

*Province-Municipality/city: Your place of residence

I have listed here some FAQs from other people and with its corresponding answers:

  • I received “mailer-daemon@yahoo.com”, are you really sure with the email address?

Yes, I am 100% sure because I also passed my own application and I received a reply.

  • Where should I address the application?

From my experience, I used a generic address. A typical “Dear Mam/Sir”

If you have other questions, you are welcome to comment below and I’ll be pleased to answer each.

God Bless Nurses!

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Good news, there is already a tentative schedule for other regions regardingRN Heals 3. Click Here!