Learn the basics of Hemodialysis

I got you covered! Here’s everything you need to help you in your dialysis journey! Click the button below to watch in Youtube or scroll down to watch here!

✓ Start by mastering the different machines


  • Setting Up and Priming
  • Machine Initiation
  • Machine Termination


  • Setting up and Priming
  • Connecting Acid, Bicarb & and Coupling
  • Machine Initiation
  • Machine Termination


  • Hemoperfusion Machine
  • HD+HP Set-up & Prime
  • HP Alone Set-up & Prime
  • Actual HD+HP Treatment

✓ Sharpen your dialysis nursing skills



Uploading Soon this coming April

IJ/PC Dressing

IJ/PC Closing

Uploading Soon this coming April

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