Hemoperfusion Procedure: All the Skills You need to Learn

Hemoperfusion meaning is an extracorporeal technique involving the passage of blood through a cartridge where solutes are removed by direct binding to the sorbent material. Hemoperfusion vs hemodialysis Hemoperfusion definition is more preferred than hemodialysis due to its capability to remove chemicals that are lipid soluble or are highly protein bound. A good example of […]

Hemodialysis Training at Primus Review and Training Center, Davao City

Hemodialysis Training in Primus Review and Training Center is one of the specialized training programs included in their curriculum expansion. They have been formerly known as Primus Review Center, an In-House Review of the Ateneo de Davao and the Notre Dame College Tacurong of Cotabato which started in 2007. Currently located at FTC Tower , […]

Hemodialysis Training at the Nephro Group of Dialysis Centers

There are a number of hospitals that are conducting hemodialysis trainings. One of them is the known Nephro Group of Dialysis Center which has been considered as the mother company of any nephrology center manila since the “group” explains the other branches present aside from the one that first existed. For a brief overview, Nephro […]

Nurse Germz
Hey Nurses, Nurse Germz here. I am a dialysis nurse here in the Philippines saving lives milliliters per minute at a time for 7 years now and welcome to my blog as I take you with me in discovering nursing career.

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