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My name is Germeline Joy R. Nabua. I am from Cagayan de Oro City. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Xavier University-Ateneno de Cagayan last March 2010. I then became a Registered Nurse the year after, 2011.

Months after that, I am proud to share my few experiences related with my course. My first one was working as a Substitute School Nurse in St. Theresa’s College, Cebu City. Right after, I pursued in becoming as a volunteer nurse in J.R. Borja General Hospital to gain the needed experiences for a real work in the future and was assigned at the ER Department. So far, it was a very helpful experience building my confidence more as a Nurse that I have undergone the most critical and challenging department in a Hospital.

But since a bill was passed resulting to the cessation of volunteer nurses in the Hospital, my experiences were also stopped. So, I shifted to another field which is in the internet and worked as an online article writer.

And now I am in a road in-between, a part of me enjoying the work that I have now online but still a part of me is still eager to pursue a career in nursing.

Maybe it is just because this is a major point of interest for me, the course I have devoted my 4 years in college and one in which I am certain I will be able to perform well.


What can I do when our country itself is the hindrance of all these.

Will I forego or not?

Read on to know! Welcome to my blog. I am also at Google+.



~ nursegermz


15 thoughts on “About Nurse Germz

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  2. Hi, nurse germz!!!. . .
    Like you, I am also a registered nurse but until now I still don’t have a job that is related to my profession since I passed the NLE last July 2011…I am looking forward for the RN heals batch 3 in Davao City..
    I want to work as an online article writer like you. . but I think I am not qualified..

    1. everyone is qualified of course. writing is not a talent nor a gift nman eh. it is a skill na you will learn in time and practice. try mo po. onlinejobs.ph i get mostly my online jobs there.

    1. yup because i’ve observed that your looking at the previous RN Heals batch which is the batch 2. it’s already the third one and they are back in accepting applicants online. but you can visit your region’s doh office though for confirmation.

    1. I am. however paypal automatically converts it to peso so I’ll be withrawing it in peso and not dolloars.hehe you go try. make an account at onlinejobs.ph – it’s where I got most of my jobs

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