Fresenius Machine 4008s: Free Online Youtube training

Fresenius Machine 4008s is mostly used in dialysis centers or hospitals anywhere around the world which is why you are here to familiarize it. Well, you are exactly at the right place because I’m giving out free Fresenius machine training through my YouTube videos below.

Who needs a Fresenius machine manual when you could just watch it and replay over and over. However, as a disclaimer, the following Fresenius machine 4008s tutorials only act as guide in helping you familiarize the procedure. Watch the video, familiarize the principle and perform it according to your protocol.

So, below are 3 Fresenius machine 4008s procedures starting from Fresenius machine setup followed by machine initiation and ending with machine termination.

Fresenius Machine 4008s Setting up and Priming

How-to machine Initiation

How-to machine Termination

If you are using a different machine like Bbraun, check out the videos here!

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