Looking back 2011 before Welcoming 2012

Nurse GermzIt’s always good to look back at your past so you’ll know if there is a need to change, improve or maintain things. I’ll start.


RN Heals 1

– got too excited to finally apply for a real job but ended not really the way I wanted for a reason that I am not officially nurse yet. Better luck next time.

Febraury 19

I became officially a Registered Nurse

-The moment of waiting had finally ended as I found my name on the list of Dec 2011 NLE Results.

March 6

Birth of Wholesale CDO

(my online shop)
– because I needed money so I figured out things how to earn then.

April 24

Cebu: Job Hunting

– I did not find a job at CDO so might as well look for one at another place.

May 9

Substitute School Nurse

– The best opportunity to experience a 5 day pay job.


Volunteer Nurse


House Bill 5641: An Act Prohibiting the Exploitative β€œVolunteerism” of Nurses

– no need for explanation

Oct 26

Got my Online Job


RN Heals 2

– Too bad, I was not able to know about it.


RN Heals 3

– Application currently going on

Whew! Never did I expect, most of my experiences were nursing related. Does this mean 2012 will already be about all and real experiences?

Looking forward to it.

Happy New Year Nurses!