9 Mornings: It’s almost four o’clock in the morning!

“Oh my! What time is it?
It’s almost four o’clock in the morning. I think!
Sun is almost fully up.
But still my eyes are droopy unprepared for an early dawn rise.
But because of You Lord, I will.
An hour subtraction from my sleep is worth it if spent it with You.”

It’s again the time of the year when nights are becoming longer, winds getting colder; lights becoming brighter and carols are getting louder. It is Christmas dear fellas.

But 9 days before Jesus’ big day…

It’s the Misa De Galyo / Simbang Gabi / Nine Mornings Filipinos religiously attend every Christmas. A pack of people are compressing inside the four corners of the Church to hear the Gospel of the Lord.

It’s the Kampana Bell of the Church Filipinos pay attention to that signals the start of the Nine Mornings. When struck, everyone stands to formally hear the mass.

It’s also the Puto and Bibingka or Puto’t Sikwati (Native Delicacy) awaiting at the end corner of the Church vicinity for Filipinos to buy and eat for breakfast right after the mass.

But it’s always the…

Yearnings within the hearts of every Filipino who are willing to sacrifice in waking up at wee hours and taking an hour from their normal sleep hours.

It’s called the Christmas Wish entitled to every person who has finished the Nine Mornings Masses straight without a miss.

Nevertheless, above all…

It’s our little sacrifice to be offered for our dear Jesus Christ.

Remember, He died on the cross for us. And we welcome him again as we celebrate His birthday at Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas!
(I wish! I pray! Amen!)