Trial and error is the only way for a JOB!

Sometimes trial and error is the only way to get something done.

I can attest that from the months I have been doing it. For over 10 months since I became a registered nurse last February 2011, I am still at the process of experimenting and doing trial and error. Defeated? Not yet!

I have faced, encountered and experienced a lot of jobs because of the fact that I have submitted to I think almost a hundred of resumes online. Well, that is me and will always be.

The internet is free and the most accessible thing in the world. I would gratefully use that opportunity in finding a job at the comforts of my room. As a result, few months after, dozens of text messages and emails arrive at the very screen of my cell phone and laptop.

Now, the question is… Are all of those the right jobs? Dream jobs? Or the available-and-go-accept-it jobs? For me?


  • Dream Jobs


Looking for a job is the easiest. Having a job is hard. Then what’s more when having your dream job? Definitely it would be harder and the hardest.

You see, we all have our very own ideal jobs but that’s different from our dream jobs. We take a 4 year course and we aim of having a job in line with that course after finishing college.

But there is also what we call “Dream Job”. That no matter how eager or passionate we are back to the years in college just to finish a course, there is still that “dream job” we hunger for.

I for one, have my own dream job. Lately, I am into travel and busy posting in my travel blog and I realize that it is something I want to work for. Although, there is no such job like “to travel”, there are jobs available that give you benefits “to travel”. What are these? Jobs like flight attendant, tour guides or anything that is in a travel company.

And honestly, I have received opportunities in line with my dream job. In fact, I have worked for a couple of days. I got a letter from Qatar Airways and have worked as marketing specialist in a travel agency.

How about your dream job?

  • Available-and-go-accept-it Jobs


However, as I have said, having a job is hard. That is why we come to a point that we have no choice but to accept the jobs that are available. I call these Available-and-go-accept-it Jobs.

Remember the time, when you badly need a job and here comes an email or a text offering you a job. So you have no choice but to accept it. But still, you need to make a choice that is why you need to accept it or else you’ll be broke forever.

Mine is a different story. It was not “a no choice” situation but I made it a point to include it in one of my job choices. Why and How?

You must already have heard the rampant online article writing right? Well, that time, I was unemployed, need money and need a job instantly. And the perfect solution is to write. I admit I am not good in writing but hey writing is not a talent. It is a skill that I can improve and enhance along the way.

I already have friends working as online article writers so what I did was tapping them and working for them. It was still not the proper job wherein I have my own employer. But at least through that idea, I can practice my skill in writing.

 Right now? I am an online article writer, more of a virtual assistant and am currently providing satisfactory and good written articles to my official employer. See the transition? And I have never thought I am able to reach this far.

  • The Right Job


I put this last because in reality we think of our right jobs last. Like what happened to me…

I am already a registered nurse but until now, the things that keep me busy or the job I am involved with is not even closely related to my course which is nursing.

Well, from the past months I have a few experiences related to nursing but afterwards I have shifted immediately to a different road. You can’t blame me if there are no available jobs for nurses. It is just an automatic escape of the thing called “unemployment”.

But why am I writing this?

It is because I have reached the end of my list. I have gone past number one and two and now I am at number three thinking dearly of what the right job really is for me.

 That would be pretty obvious if just basing from my course which is nursing and definitely I need to be a nurse!

But how come I am still at a point of the crossroads confused of which right road to take?

Is it because from all the jobs and experiences I have, I always end up unsuccessful?

It could be!

Or what if God is giving me apparent signs? That the reason of the unsuccessful events happening to me is to go back from where I really started—As a Nurse?

 It’s the end of year 2011, and it wouldn’t be co-incidental as to why I am thinking all these stuffs right? It just points to one thing that I need to make my final decision before I start the year 2012.

My decision?

I am back to becoming a nurse! My Right Job.