A Conversation Between a 30 Year-Old Workaholic Nurse and Her Inner Lazy Adult Child

I scanned my bag as if looking for my original Valid ID when I know for sure there wasn’t since I lost it last year. I did get an affidavit of loss but hadn’t used it since I can’t exactly remember why.

My Inner Lazy Adult Child Unleashed

I whispered to my inner lazy adult child, “What have you done again? You have all the time last year to get a duplicate copy of your ID or if I remembered it closely, you promised to just renew it since it is within the year of its expiration?”

“You have a photocopy of your valid id then, how about try using it?” my inner lazy adult child trying to redeem herself.

I shyly showed the photocopy but was declined as the teller explained that they need the original copy and they will be the one who will photocopy it. I was asked for another government ID. Still, I have none because truth be told…

I am a 30 Year-Old Nephrology Nurse, certified, charge nurse of a Hemodialysis unit, a foreign nurse license holder with no savings account other than my payroll ATM account, no government IDs other than my current one, have not voted ever and has no proof of billing. I am far different from what everyone sees and knows me in public because most of the time, my inner lazy adult child controls me. Despite that, I can’t deny the fact that agreeing with her has helped me survived in this so called, adulthood. Thus, I am going to explain myself now that, “Who needs another savings account when the money left in my payroll account is kinda enough to be called as savings or emergency fund?”

The very reason why I was at the bank in the first place was my plan to open a checking account for investment purposes. Yup, that’s how confident I am with the money I have without having the need of putting it on a safer savings account. As, for the valid IDs, well, my inner lazy adult child is guilty.

That was the third bank I’ve visited, by the way because the previous ones require proof of billing, ITR or payslip so I’m left with the choice of the bank our hospital was affiliated which was supposedly perfect since it only requires one original VALID ID but just unlucky, since I do not have the original copy.

I, the 30 year-old workaholic nurse, on the other hand, tried to make up by going to the city hall to get a police clearance as an alternative ID. But later did it come to my mind that we are in the middle of community quarantine as a COVID-19 precautionary measure and most government office transactions are on hold.

30 Year-Old Workaholic Nurse in Deep Trouble

And then it suddenly dawned on me that I’m in deep trouble without the basic documents.

The same day, I received an email that my Form I-140, Immigration Petition for Alien Worker in US got approved after four months it was received. Yup four months. Four months, I could have renewed my passport at an earlier date so the claiming would have not been caught up with COVID-19 quarantine, four months I could have renewed my license ID so I will not have any problems with future endeavors, four months I could have asked my friends what type of documents to prepare. But my inner lazy adult child was too strong to set all that aside because as usual she tends to have all-the-time-mindset that, “Nah, I could just do that later. Four months is still too long. Other nurses even waited for a year so, I won’t expect too much for now.”

And I’m left speechless, “This is all your fault. I should have not listened to you. Now I’m caught up with the community quarantine unable to move on to the next step.”

I tried diverting my attention and deal with license endorsement but still, it needed documents I still have to request but impossible at this time.

When You Can’t Adult Anymore

These are the very times when being an adult hits you smack in the face wishing you could just easily quit? It maybe true we can quit everything else in life: jobs, friends, habits, etc., but definitely, NOT being an adult. And now we’re left seeing flashback of the good old days of carefree living and having many things done for us when we were a kid. Now we live to go to work and tackle responsibilities.

Adulting is a process that takes lots of trial and error and hard reminders from life and expired relationships. Thus, we can’t blame our respective inner lazy adult child to snap back often whenever we counter resistance or triggers… because at the same time, it is a practice that takes years to become aware of our inner lazy adult child and to stop pulling from who we were used to be or how we were treated. Indeed, downtime and living a stress-free life feels like a luxury of the past because we are adults now.

I’m ending this post with a contract between a 30 Year-Old Workaholic Nurse and her inner lazy adult child that as soon as this COVID-19 subsides, I’ll start acting like an ADULT full time.