Lovelier the Second… Third… …time around?

Nurse GermzLove is not the only one that deserves a lovelier second chance. As the saying goes, “Love is lovelier the second time around.”

It’s just that these past two days, I have encountered situations again from the past. So does why this is entitled as such.

Company Nurse

Company nurse, in other words my previous opportunity later turned into history or future yet to happen or will not really happen. Urgh!

It was May in the near end days of my temporary work as a Substitute School Nurse at my high school alma mater. That was only for five days. Short but was already a huge impact since it was one of my first few experiences right after becoming a registered nurse. However, the residence doctor gave me good news about becoming a company nurse. Then, started the whole story that did not really ended the way it should be or what I wanted.

Why? Because as I have said, “my previous opportunity later turned into history or future yet to happen or will not really happen.” Until now, I still did not receive a phone call or any follow up. And the last time I heard from them were words that I’ll just wait for their call.

Company Nurse the Second Time Around

Then, I just heard one of my friends got in at the same company but at just different location. A bit strange since mine took a long long process and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

I also heard that she will not renew after five months and I already reserved that slot for me.hehe As usual, no more expectations like last time.

RN Heals

The first batch of this program was January 2011. Although we already finished taking the board exam still the results were not yet out. And since it was an online application, I tried my luck. Unfortunately, it requires a PRC card number. So, I was disqualified for that time.

RN Heals the Second Time Around

So, earlier September I heard from the people working at DOH that again there will be a second batch for RN Heals. Honestly, I was there at my desk constantly waiting for updates online since last time the application was done online.

It was just later November when I heard that the application was already ongoing and realized that I was late with the news. Bad!

In fact, I heard from my friends’ status updates about their passing of requirements. The application was done personal to the nearest affiliated hospital in our city. Unfortunately, I was too late for that. Most of my known friends and fellow batch mates were in fact employed for that current batch.

RN Heals the Third Time Around

Now, for the third batch and finally, I was just in time for the update.

But the question …


“Lovelier the Second… Third… …time around”

applies to job opportunities?