(Saudi Arabia) PNA-ERSA in Highlight to Filipino Nurses Commitment

The Philippine Nurses Association in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia (PNA-ERSA) ever first general assembly was held at the Al-Jazeera International School in Dammam.

PNA-ERSA President Mary Jane Tupas, seated fourth from left, and Labor Attache Adam A. Musa, seated fifth from left, join PNA-ERSA officials and guests during the general assembly meeting. (AN photo)

Together with Nada Al-Amri, nursing director at King Fahd University Hospital and the guest speaker plus about 400 Filipino nurses from 30 different hospitals and clinics in the Eastern Province filled up the seats to participate in the general assembly as described by Mary Jane Tupas, PNA-ERSA president. Include as well Labor Attache Adam A. Musa of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in the Eastern Region (POLO-ERO).

On the other hand, new members were as well welcome to join which have increased the PNA-ERSA members from 100 to 200.


PNA-ERSA general assembly followed the theme, “Filipino nurses’ commitment in health promotion, professional development and community service.”

Al-Amri had one by one enumerated and described the above theme:

  • “The commitment to save lives and serve mankind are the traits heroes and nurses share in common. We may not have the power to create fire, power to fly or be invisible like our superheroes but nurses are equipped with skills, knowledge and good attitude. These are more than enough to for them to fulfill their role,” Al-Amri said.
  • “The concept behind professional development is the idea that you have untapped potential, and to not settle with what you have if you want more out of life,” she added.
  • She even shared, “I started my profession like you as young nursing graduates. Over time, I gained more knowledge and experience as a result of professional development. I worked for a master’s degree and eventually I was given the opportunity to become director of nursing at King Fahd University Hospital.”

With this, she commended Filipino Nurses containing words as such, “I am very happy to be with Filipino nurses who have good work attitude and know how to get along with fellow nurses as I work with them. I am very happy in being a nurse who plays a big role in our patients’ lives and to see them become whole once again.” Encouraging more Filipino Nurses to “look at things positively.”

“If you think you can be better, then you can be. If you start looking at things in a positive light, you will be able to put more energy and effort into everything you do because you know that you are working to achieve a certain goal,” she said, adding, “We nurses are the heroes of the new generation.”\

PNA-ERSA Talks about the coming Convention as Part of the Regulation of Philippine Nurses Association in Manila (PNA)

Back to Filipino Nurses, as Tupas describe the event, it was not just a general assembly but a take-off point for their coming convention soon to be held this July. This is part of the regulation of Philippine Nurses Association in Manila (PNA) to hold two conventions a year to organizations they are affiliated with.

The following participants and guests expected will be Manila-based PNA President Noel Cadete, Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) board of nursing chair Carmencita Abaquin and Dr. Vicki Belo of the Belo Medical Group.
The rest of the Filipino nurses in the Kingdom and Philippine Embassy officials are as well invited to join as Arlene Navarro, PNA-ERSA vice president for internal affairs added.

The coming convention will be a two-day affair. Folrence Nightingale Award will be one of the programs to look forward inviting every hospital in the Eastern Province including those from Riyadh and Jeddah to have their own choices of nominees.

While the second day will be full of seminars and conferences as part of continuing education of the nurses.