Top Most Awaited Results By Nurses

Nurse Germz Poll of the Week By NursesHoly week just ended and admit it nurses, it never turned out to be that holy. Let the other “h” word describe it as we endlessly wait for the results or might as well the never-to-happen nursing job. Thus, this poll in nursegermz emerged to organize the stuffs greatly valued by nurses. First in the list is “Top most awaited results by nurses.”

Top Most Awaited Results By Nurses

This was supposedly be “Top 10” but the results speak for itself that nurses been dying to only hear from a few numbered news.

Health care system

A few may have already knew about this the reason why a family of a doctor and a nurse enrolled another member in a nursing school. Since then, they knew 4 years after their child would have a guarantee to work in a hospital as a regular nurse. We also knew about this, the thing called “backer system”.

We should have done the same but too bad mostly are the first from their families to embark in such industry to become the hero and save the day. So the improvement of health care system is like the most desperate move waited by nurses to happen unaware as to when the backer system would cease.

Philhealth CARES Nurses

This is the most awaited result counting myself in. It’s pretty obvious as to why–to move on. But since when should nurses wait and move on?

That same phrase keeps coming back over and over. The first one must be the time during review. Until the whole thing is done, then we say “we can move on” and so does applies to board exam result, oath taking, release of PRC LICENSE and etc. And I can’t believe until now, we’re saying it all over again.

Now the Philhealth CARES result are slowly emerging out into the open, guess everyone can move on? But can we?

Well, the top 2 most awaited results by nurses have just been revealed. Thanks to everyone who participated the poll.

Due to the stuffs carried away by this article leads to our next poll, “Regrets By Nurses.” Interesting, right? Hope more nurses can participate this time.