Filipino Nurse Jonathan Aquino Jailed after an Exposed Leaked Video of Assault

Filipino Nurse Jonathan Aquino Jailed
Filipino Nurse Jonathan Aquino found guilty of “dreadful breach of trust”.

Hard to accept but Nurse Jonathan Aquino is a Filipino nurse working in UK who was jailed after assaulting acts toward his Dementia patient has been caught on tape.

It was the daughter, Jason Worroll who hid the camera and witnessed all the alarming acts toward her mother, Maria.

First, Nurse Aquino was seen to first strike her face followed by slapping her arms a couple times then ended hitting her abdomen four times.

Such acts contributed to his state of being guilty of “dreadful breach of trust” as explained by Judge Henry Blacksell QC with an 18 month sentence in jail.

The Filipino Nurse in the Institution

For most of the reasons, family members house their elderly relative in a particular institution to let the professionals deal with the situations for proper care and attention. Other than that is also the reason that such acts done by Nurse Aquino might as well happen.

Too much emotion might get on their way forgetting the right things they are supposed to do. That patience might be gone in the middle of a situation then temper replaces until a horrible act is done.

What Nurse Aquino has done was totally unexpected who is supposed to be a professional and should know what is the right thing to do. Now the public is concerned with the idea of treating elderly and vulnerable in institutions like this.

Any situation similar to this should be held to account.