RN Heals 4 Exam Started at Region 11

Everyone in Nurse Germz facebook page stopped the time someone posted receiving a call for an exam for RN Heals 4 this coming April 18.

RN Heals 4
RN Heals 4 Region 11

Such questions needed to be answered immediately:

  • RN Heals 4?
  • The application was meant for RN Heals 3 but the call was for RN Heals 4?
  • Is it true?

To get all the answers is to confirm first and go to the venue mentioned before the exam. But I am afraid everything is true and indeed, RN Heals 4 Exam Started at Region 11.

The first batch started a while ago at 8am while the second batch for the exam will be in the afternoon, 1pm. More batches are there for the coming days.

RN Heals 4: Hospital-based duty?

First and foremost, the very question as to what type of duty for RN Heals 4 needed to be raised. The previous RN Heals 3 was pure community based so we could expect then for a pure hospital based. However, no available information yet is there to confirm such.

RN Heals 4: Based from RN Heals 3 applicants?

Another question is if no application will happen anymore. It all depends if RN Heals 4 batch are not able to keep up with the said number of nurses but if not, guess no applications anymore will be expected.

The information are not that much to really confirm but such are enough to prove that indeed in other parts of Philippines, RN Heals 4 Exam Started at Region 11.

While NCR is yet to start their RN Heals 3 duty this coming April 18, well RN Heals 4 Exam Started at Region 11 already.

Here’s the full post of it. Click Here!