RN Heals 3 Interview Proper

RN Heals 3 InterviewOn my Bed

I woke up. Yawned and stretched my arms. Whew that was a good sleep.

Then, that was the time panic suddenly stole the moment when I realized it was the day of my interview for RN Heals 3.

But I thought again, the interview was from 8am-5pm so I was back in inhaled and exhaling normally.

Going to DOH for RN Heals 3 Interview

My plan was actually to estimate an arrival of 7pm at the office because we were 57 all in all to be interviewed for that day. So, I figured it would be lucky to be one of the first interviewees.

However, I arrived late of about 9am.

I saw some of my batch mates outside the gate as I was still heading inside.

I was in a motorbike so I greeted them and asked, “Are you already finished?”

They were like in a hesitant look like something they should have said and then thought that I could find it myself.

Mmmmh Let’s see!

At The DOH

There they were, as I was thought I was the only left for I can’t see anyone outside the door. They were all busy and I can’t seem to find my friend.

Then, I just found out. The order of list was the same order for the interview. So that’s what they were supposed to be telling me especially when I was still scheduled for the afternoon.

Anyway, they were still very busy so I finally asked. It was all about the questions for interview.

And what I just did, A BIG SIGH. An interview all about lessons, technicalities and like the old time back to school cramming?

I could hear everyone buzzing, remembering every lesson they could ever remember in mind.

I did not take it so I went back home to sleep, maybe I could dream the answers.

RN Heals 3 Interview Proper

This will be like tips? Not really. Well what I tell to people who are asking me for the coverage, I just say “board exam on oral recitation.” Yes because that’s true and I prefer the written one because I have the time to think and read the questions properly.

Because during the interview, they were like robots. I can’t really say since I was the last one to be interviewed and I guess the interviewer was already becoming lousy.

And just relax. Don’t answer immediately. Just like in a written exam, think before you say.

Then, know the officers. Cross my heart. Remember this. And of course the usual DOH infos you could think of would surely go out. No need to study anymore because everything is situational. For sure you have experienced it in the classroom, clinical setting or at the hospital.

Just do good in explanations. And don’t get affected with the interviewer, they sometimes ask about your answers even if it is asking for opinion. Just be firm with your answers.

Remember your seminars because for sure you’ll get nervous immediately by the time you could not even remember one. This is asked first so it could affect the rest of the questions.

That’s all.

Let us do this Nurses.

Thanks nurses and God bless with RN Heals 3!

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