Be part of 600 nurses to be hired by Philhealth

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or Philhealth is said to be hiring 6oo nurses ready for deployment for “Big Hospitals” nationwide.

They are then called Philheath CARES nurses or Customer Assistance, Relations and Empowerment Staff nurses.

It was Dr. Eduardo Banzon, president of Philhealth who annoucned during a press conference that the said Philhealth nurses are tasked for the provision of “superior customer care” for the members and dependents seeking treatment in Philhealth-accredited hospitals. They are as well be in charge in the facilitaion of the payment of insurance premiums in the cashier departments of public hospitals and the performance on-the-spot eligibility checks at the hospital setting.

“We will provide gainful employment to some of our idle nurses, while improving our customer care services, and fulfilling President Aquino’s hope and dream to provide complete health insurance to all Filipinos, rich and poor,” Banzon said. “We prioritize big hospitals and level 2 hospitals,”

he added.

This Philhealth CARES nurses project is said to be finalized and to be approved at the board of directors in the following months.

Another good step for our government, in getting nurses to the right paths of getting a job.