Nurses Celebrates International Women’s Day

Nurses Celebrates International Women's Day
Nurses Celebrates International Women’s Day

More than half of the nurses’ population is women so today is our best time to tap ourselves and celebrate International Women’s Day. This is the day the whole world celebrates the personal and professional achievements of women. Since early 1900’s, the celebration have been observed until now to remember the time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies. But on top of that is of course, our very own achievements as nurses.

Below is a copy of Women’s Creed from yesterday’s event, March 8, 2013; 8th Bukidnon Women’s Summit held at the City of Malaybalay in celebration of its yearly Kaamulan along with International Women’s Day.

Women’s Creed

Leader: We believe in goodness and value of women, our strength and sanity

All: Our willingness to weep, as well as laugh our capacity to cope with the children’s demands and the burdens of life our willingness and ability to get on with the job our spirituality and our earthless, flowing with life, birth, and death.

Leader: We affirm the story of women as the story of human kind.

All: Food gatherers and farmers child bearers and teachers /  pioneers and policymakers needle workers and textile-makers, homemakers and factory – workers / parents, scientists, doctors, housekeepers, and economists / givers of life and creators of art and thought, unpaid hidden workers at home / and underpaid members of the workforce outside.

Leader: We rejoice in our diversity and versatility, our intuition and our logic.

All: We confess our failures and imperfections including our past acceptance of violence and injustice / in relationship between women and men.

Leader: We look forward to age of Peace.

All: When violence are banished / both women and men are able to love and to be loved, and the work and wealth of our world is justly shared,/ we envision that our future depends on us but that all the forces of good, love, peace and justice/ all the creative powers of universe, work with us to achieve that vision.

Leader: Spirit of God

All: Come anew with your light,/bring along a new sense of your grace upon wwomen in our contemporary times that graced by You, like Mary / women may pariticipate in the humanization of all women and men alike, birthing partnerships/ both liberating and life giving.

May it come soon….. Amen.