Things to take note for RN Heals 3

I have browsed and read all the questions and forums regarding RN Heals 3 at Nurse Germz Page and I have listed and gathered below some important things you might want to consider.

RN Heals 3
RN Heals 3

  • Metro Manila – stop na daw application
  • Pampanga – puno na ang slots
  • Leyte – Exams have already started
  • Cebu (Region 7) – had been accepting applications since November
  • Region 6 – apply thruogh
  • Region 4a – Click here for info

If you have gone to your DOH office to inquire about RN Heals 3 or to pass your application, please do also comment below some information you have gotten there to aid others and inform them as well.

Thanks nurses and God bless with RN Heals 3!

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