I am Nurse Germz

I am Nurse Germz a.k.a. germz, kagaw, germicidal and whatever germz nickname you could even think, that’s what they call me. No matter how opposite a “germz” sounds and unbelievable maybe to get affiliated with nursing or any health related stuff, get used to it because yes I am a nurse, Nurse Germz as what I am now known.

Nurse Germz
Yah! Role Model! planking....haha

I am neither perfect nor even close to that. I am just knowledgeable in most things especially the fact that I am a nurse. I am pretty sure to be knowledgeable with that above all things. In fact, the 2 digit percentage of my NLE Board exam result is still very fresh in my memory exactly the same thing I felt during its release. Why, you’ll get to know that at the bottom part.hehe

Okay, so I admit maybe not really in most things. RN Heals can be the exception. (don’t worry I’ve moved on) Besides I knew it from the start that I’ll be not part of it.

Of course, who would accept someone like me who was:

  • Almost an hour late for the exam due to being clueless of where the venue was (the email had no specific venue anyway, only the building and the floor)
  • Called three times during the interview because I was outside the building chatting (and then I thought the number of people inside were still for interview, later did I know that they were just there waiting for their friends)
  • After being asked what my percentage was ,(paused and gulped) half smilingly and shyly whispered a “no more no less exact passing rate” (no need to state it and take note of the whisper which made the interviewer to ask me twice)


But then again… That feeling when even you consistently say to yourself “expect the unexpected” many times still in the end the world seems to be falling apart after not seeing your name ON THE LIST… (haha lol.)

Then that feeling when you see your friends on the list, the questions of why… how… (haha. Oa. Way too exaggerated already)

What I did? What else, but to go directly to that one person whom I had agreement with, the Lord. It seemed that we hadn’t really had a fully understanding with our past discussions regarding this.

But seriously, I went to the Church still thanked for what had  happened because it is through RN Heals anyway that I was able to open my eyes of my real desires and wishes of being a Nurse.

Nurse Germz
The Germz Behind the Nurse. Like A Boss!hihi

Nurse Germz would not have been born.

But that time, I made sure that our conversation would be in 100% full understanding. I actually made a written contract for that signed with forever guidance, strength, faith and hope. (wala kayo sa mga banat ko.hehe)

Then, I guess the fact that I am giving updates regarding nursing careers in my Nurse Germz website and facebook page, might as well give the chance to others. I just realized too that God really knows me well *whisper* because I am not really into community nursing and going to strange places by myself might only cause me danger. Thanks bro!

Also, most *lol* career abroad are looking for hospital experiences and damn can’t waste my 1 year for that RN Heals. (apology another banat sa mga d nkapasa)

Well, that’s it. Didn’t expect I could enjoy writing this one. God Bless to everyone who qualified for RN Heals 3. We all have our time and our chances. You have your chance right at this time so don’t you ever waste it.

P.S. For updates by region, (i’m getting sleepy now, still a ton of articles to make so expect it by tomorrow)

Oops! I almost forgot! I am a girl by the way in case it is not that obvious.hehe