NDP 2016 Region 6 Recruitment and Selection of Applicants

NDP 2016 Region 6NDP 2016 Region 6 Recruitment and Selection of Applicants finally begins.

The Department of Health will deploy Registered Nurses under the Nurse Deployment Project (NDP) with P18,549 monthly salary for employed nurses. A total of of 15,727 positions are up for grabs all over the country for NDP 2016, over 1,500 more compared to this year. This project is designed to improve local health systems that will support the country’s attainment of the Universal Health Care or “Kalusugan Pangkalahatan”. Nurses shall be hired under a contract of service and will be assigned in Rural Health Units in their localities or place of residence. These nurses shall perform the functions of a Public Health Nurse. Likewise, they will be developed as trainers and supervisors of the Community Health Teams (CHTs ) of the DOH.

Director Marlyn Convocar, MD, MPH, CESO IV announced that the application will be done online via online from October 24-27, 2015. All notifications on admission shall be sent through electronic mail.

Below are the guidelines for Deployment :

1. Applicants shall apply to the training program via internet www.chd6.doh.gov.ph/e-recruitment
2. Only applicants with valid Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) licenses will be eligible to apply
3. Criteria for selection will be as follows:

a) Physically and mentally fit
b) Not over 65 years old at the time of deployment
c) Resident/s of the identified provinces
d) Should finish deployment program
g) Applicants will be ranked based on the criteria set by the Technical Working Group for Deployment Programs of DOH-ROVI

4. Period of Application (on-line): October 2015
5. Period of Deployment: January 2016