Celebrate Christmas with CPMP-HDU Share A Bag of Joy Initiative

We regret to inform you that this year’s Christmas party has been cancelled.

Even without the memo, it’s obvious Christmas will be a bit different for this year especially to our dear patients. We always take time to make the annual Christmas celebration memorable thus, every year, a distinct party theme is carefully planned and chosen. As for the patients, this is the time they look forward to seeing everyone in one room and get to meet others from different shifts and dialysis day schedule. And as they say, they can’t wait seeing the dialysis nurses in pretty costumes and not the boring scrub suit. Also, it’s their cheat day with all the different festive food served on the table.

Sadly, the new patients can’t anymore experience that and I am afraid those who missed last year’s celebration will be missing it for quite some time and who knows when will the old normal be back.

Enough with that and why not let’s have a trip down memory lane.

2019 CPMP HDU Christmas Through the Decades HDU Christmas Party

As early as the second week of November, we started planning and preparing our annual Christmas party for the patients.

DIY Platinum CDs invitation

We went all out with our retro costume from afro hair to ruffled tops, flare pants and platform shoes. We represent the 70s.

All-out costume per decade: 70s

And of course what’s a party without the visual memories. We made an opening music video in coordination with the previous staffs who have worked abroad as tribute to our patients. The soundtrack is of course in the 70s by the Kool & the Gang, Celebration.

Kool & the Gang, Celebration of CPMP-HDU Christmas

2021 Christmas Celebration

I guess for this year, though parties aren’t allowed anymore especially with the patients, the COVID pandemic reminds us of what the real celebration is.

That Christmas…
…is not just about choosing the coolest theme that the team can think of,

It’s not about handing out the fanciest Christmas invitation.
It’s not about dressing up the prettiest dress or costume.
It’s not about how many lechon is served on the table.
It’s not about the games, activities and the program the team could present.’

In the end, what’s a party without understanding the real meaning of celebration, Christmas.

CPMP HDU Share A Bag of Joy Initiative

Thus for this year, CPMP-HDU Staffs are humbly reaching out to you with our Share a bag of Joy initiative. We aim to brighten up each of our dialysis patients’ mood in these dark times.

bag of joy

Through Share a bag of Joy, you can bring joy to each of our over 70 patients undergoing dialysis treatment.

Sponsorship, kind donations or gift cards are welcome. Message us, and let’s spread joy this holiday season.