Dialysis Nurse Salary in the Philippines 2021

Dialysis nurse salary varies depending on factors such as shift hours, overtime and oncall or number of years.

What’s new for this year?

As much as I want to make a good intro for this post, unfortunately news about nurses along with the rest of the health workers in private hospitals and medical institutions in the Philippines are thinking about “medical lockdown” amid the pandemic due to low nurse salary, lack of benefits and in general since risk

This can be traced to the delayed special risk allowance (SRA) under the Bayanihan Law of P5,000 every month, which until now, nothing has been handed yet from Department of Health. In addition, the active hazard duty day (AHDP) of P3000 every month given to government hospitals only should as well be given to private institutions since risk is the same may you be from a private or government hospital.

In response to this, DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III assures that the following benefits for the private medical workers are now slowly being attended.

dialysis nurse salary

Dialysis Nurse Salary by Employer

Dialysis nurse salary differs as to where and whom they are currently employed. This can be broken down into: (1) what kind of institution they are in whether in a private or government hospital and (2) what kind of setting–center or hospital set-up.

As for the remaining factors such as shift hours, overtime and oncall or number of years, watch the video below.

How much is the dialysis nurse salary in the Philippines?

I do get a lot of questions like this because it seems they most nurses have this kind of thinking that whenever you are assigned in a special area, you are earning more. Before answering that, let us gake a look at the factors to consider behind the differences of the salaries. Click the play button below or watch it in youtube! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!