Brave Student Nurse Fights Back Against Bag Snatcher

A BRAVE student nurse from Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan fought back after being punched several times, knocked down and dragged along road while heading to her last day of duty at Maternity and Child Hospital.

A student nurse, on her last day of duty, was walking along Corrales, Hayes at 5:20 am, Tuesday when she became aware of a man staring at her.

She tried to run but the man then caught up with her, covered her mouth, attempted to take her backpack dragging her along road.

But she bravely fought back, punched his face twice still holding her bag firmly until a security guard came and the man took off.

Deep in my heart, I know Allah guided me that time, it is already my routine to read Ayatul Kursi and Surah Ikhlas whenever I go out of our house, that’s why I don’t feel scared at all especially walking all by myself even it’s early in the morning. But the incident that happened served as a lesson for me not to walk alone because criminals don’t choose their opponent. Yet Alhamdulillah for everything because I didn’t loose my bag and went home safely after the incident.

26th of January 2016, it was supposed to be my last day of duty at Maternity and Child Hospital near Gaston Park. At…

Posted by Nabila Dipatuan on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So, the rest of the student nurses and nurses who have an early duty call time, let’s take this one as a lesson to be always alert on the road or never go walk by yourself. Keep safe always!