5 Things Nurses Should Consider Before Posting a Rant on Facebook

One Facebook profile can be surprisingly turned into a site of a budding romance or the staging ground for conflict. Exchanges that begin online can move offline and face-to-face conversations that are initiated in person can continue in social media spaces where they are then annotated with comments, photos, and videos. When conflict arises, some choose to air their grievances, or what many refer to as “drama” in full view of their friends, while others feel that private communication channels are a more appropriate place to deal with their private matters. In fact, even nurses are not exempted which may reflect an unwanted and unprofessional behavior. So for those who can’t barely go a day without posting something, you might want to check out the 5 things below first before once again posting a rant.

  1. Make sure you don’t have common friends with the person you’ll rant about
  2. Karen Sarong Zaragosa, Lou Amabelle Gaid, Aela Santos Malate

    1. If you just want to vent out your feelings, emotions or whatever you have within you without the goal of actually harassing the person, Facebook may not be the appropriate place to do it. Whatever reason you have, no matter how private your account is or the post has been exclusively shared to your “Friends” only, and the “Ako bitaw ning account, ako’y magbuot sa post” is not even an excuse because your rant will obviously incur curiosity to anyone in your friends list and eventually spread like wildfire.
    2. If ever you did want them to be aware (kanang tuyuon jd magpa dungog), take note of no. 2 below.

  3. Identify if you are dealing with a bully
  4. Karen Sarong Zaragosa, Lou Amabelle Gaid, Aela Santos Malate

    Although your post may be considered as “harmless” but because you are dealing with a bully, everything would turn out the opposite way and they see you as a ”very very very” bad person. Their reply will totally be out of context, not aligned to the topic and curse words will be their main ingredient.

  5. You do not have those “unwanted” and not-so-presentable photos in your albums
  6. Karen Sarong Zaragosa, Lou Amabelle Gaid, Aela Santos Malate

    Regardless of age, they’ll come to a point where they will touch your account and get your “unwanted” and not-so-presentable photos as a weapon against you. That’s how bullies work. So before your start typing your rant, you might as well start hiding those.

  7. You are emotionally and mentally SECURE
  8. Karen Sarong Zaragosa, Lou Amabelle Gaid, Aela Santos Malate

    They can be the meanest people in the world but if you are emotionally and mentally SECURE, the words coming from their mouths are meaningless. In the end, you’ll end up laughing because their words speak so much about themselves.

  9. Learn how to put up a good fight
  10. Karen Sarong Zaragosa, Lou Amabelle Gaid, Aela Santos Malate

    You may have the most valid reason and you know that it was not you who started everything, bear in mind that posting a rant on Facebook will be the triggering factor. The moment you’ll push the button “publish,” the opposing parties will as well posting their own. What you should do, learn how to put up a good fight and sometimes it doesn’t really require you to make any action at all. As they say, silence is the best “revenge”.

    Karen Sarong Zaragosa, Lou Amabelle Gaid, Aela Santos Malate

    So, who’s the winner? NONE! For the whole Facebook rant, itself, is a huge mistake. The lesson here is to be responsible enough in using your voice in the different social platforms. So, the next time your hands itch for a Facebook post, remember the 5 things!