Public Statement of Nicole Abas on #lazynurses

CAGAYAN DE ORO, Philippines – Pamahaw Espesyal TV Host, Nicole Abas, finally made a statement in TV Patrol Northern Mindanao, Thursday, September 25, to nurses who were devastated by her rant and hashtag, #lazynurses.


Buot sad nako klaruhon na taas ang akong respeto sa mga doctors ug nurses gawas na ang akong kaugalingon pagtuon na akong igagaw… …mga nurses, duna ko utang kabubuton pd gihapon sa mga doctors ug nurses kay tungod sa ila, I also partially owe them ang akong ikaduhang kinabuhi katong nagsuffer ug nagbattle ko ug Lupus Erythematosus.

Nicole clearly expressed her high respect for both nurses and doctors. She briefly added, “I also partially owe them ang akong ikaduhang kinabuhi” –second life during her battle against Lupus.

In response to her “Labelling #lazynurses for not performing sponge bath”

Ang gikasubo lng jd ko pagsugod lng dayon nako ug tepid bath sa bata, gibyaan man lang dayon ko sa nurse ni-instructions man lang o ni-assistance, wala ko nakadawat.”

She explained that the time she started performing tepid bath, the nurse suddenly left without further instructions nor assistance.

This is not a war against the nurses as narrated by Star Patrol Northern Mindanao.

Naghinaot usab ako na pinaagi niini, mahipata ang tanan aron makab-ot ang pantay-pantay na maayong serbisyong medical diha sa mga hospital para sa tanan,” Nicole clarified.

Her main aim was that for all health needs to be met with equal and proper provision of medical services and not against the nurses.

Learn the lesson the easy way and think twice before posting on social networks.

Our social profiles are just a mouse click away from not only our family and friends, but also our rants and tirade. Let this be a lesson that celebrities are neither an exemption from such social media blunders nor being immune to an ire of social media backlash.

Therefore, consider professionalism should be considered before venting one’s latest frustration to the rest of the world.

So #lazynurses #backtoroutine #MoveOnNaTa