The Scandal Behind RN Heals 3

Ironic as it is that instead of seeing nurses jumping at their highest joys after becoming part of RN Heals 3, how come we see the opposite? Is it because of…

RN Heals 3 scandal
RN Heals 3 scandal

  1. 1 year pure community?
  2. The assigned areas are just too far from their residences?
  3. The compensation is not enough to support?
  4. Salary is equivalent to no salary thinking of the fare expenses to far assigned areas?

So how did the interview really go?

I remember one of the questions asked during the RN Heals 3 interview is about commitment of being assigned to a particular area (that includes far far away areas). But I still do remember as well during the online application that we can put the area we want to be assigned.

So which is which?

But amidst those all, aren’t nurses should be of service without any complains? (At the back of our minds, “duh” because we just all need a job”)

100,000 plus nurses are unemployed out there trying to make their lucks and chances to get in. RN Heals 3 program despite of being considered as only a band-aid solution, are the little things needed to be appreciated. We all complain of how the big persons or officials are working out there leaving almost a huge percentage of nurses unemployed. But see, it’s still us in the end who lacks the eagerness and keenness.

It hurts to see stuffs like this thinking that I am one of those who did not make it and I should be more deserving than those successful applicants for RN Heals 3 who back out.

“We are hiring nurses to serve the underserved. If you want all to be in your towns then better you resign because we can’t sesante others to accomodate you. Beside the assignment is based on year you passed the board, then for 2011 based on your ranking. DOH directives if you won’t like the assignment you resign. 65 nurses are on the line to replace you.” Source: RN Heals 3 Misamis Occidental

Let’s just see it this way that at least they are still working their job and programs have been implemented for us nurses that includes the new PhilHealth CARES program.

If we did not make it, more batches are yet to come.

How about you? What’s the other side of your story?