The Other Day: I Terribly Need A Nursing Refresher Course

[column width=”250px” padding=”10px”]Blessed are those iPhones, Blackberrys and so on that always get the newest update once release is announced. While unlucky us; nurses after two years laid dormant at the comforts of our houses have not even cared flipping a page from a nursing book.

Then one day, you just wake up and realize you want to be back as a Nurse. You imagine yourself wearing the white uniform walking down the hallway within the four walls of the hospital is really not bad at all. However, the bad part is it was already about a year or more ago since the last time you remember stuffs about nursing.

Exactly the same thing happened to me. Unemployment was behind my prolonged vacation after I pledged as a Nurse last oath-taking. But it was just the other day that yes; I wanted to be back as a Nurse. Although the whole time during the waiting period, I’d been searching for nursing jobs but it doesn’t count. I had not felt any driving force at all so every time I get rejected, it still took me about a week or months to get back on my feet.

But the other day was different. There was something within that is pushing me to pursuit every step especially the completion of requirements. I was able to pass application to two hospitals in our place. Then the other day, I took a qualifying exam. I was informed through text so it was clearly stated there–“qualifying exam.” Of course, as a way back typical student, the first thing I did was asked a couple of batch mates.

What I never thought was who on earth is insane enough to actually give me some, a little or all the details. Well, I found that out right after I received the exam paper. Good thing I never took extra time looking for a pencil because in my mind, I was really thinking I’ll busy shading for an IQ test. As they explain it, it would be like a critical thinking to the highest level. But nothing popped into my mind that the critical thinking they kept telling me would be the same thing I used during the board exam. [/column]

[column width=”250px” padding=”10px”]So, when I got seated, I saw wallpapers falling off—a signal for another failure. I knew I would not pass because as I moved on number by number, I was like taking a test from another course like a stranger I could not remember any terms written there. It should have been helpful if it was a multiple choice right through the end but with matching type, enumeration and fill in the blanks, never mind.
Nursing Refresher Course

Expectedly, I went home disappointed. I tried proving some right answers by searching them but it would just keep my hopes up and expect for something from that test. Then, my best refuge—Nurse Germz and promised myself that I’d be ready as always for that kind of exam. The other hospital I passed also requires an exam so I expect the same thing.

So fellow nurses, what you will expect soon here at Nurse Germz will be a Nursing Refresher Course. This is really something we can count on even when we are already hired as Nurses. It is always different to go on duty when we are confident not only in clinical skills but as well with theoretical knowledge. And in case some are still trapped in unemployment like me, then slap them some medical terms for some “nosebleed” interviews. Naaah! Just Kidding! So, nurses! Let’s Bring This On!