Nursing Professionalism for me…

Because someone added a wall post at Nurse Germz Facebook Page,

hi im a student nurse.. i just want to ask this “what is nursing professionalism to you?” thanks po. if you can share your idea feel free… ~ May YE

This inspires me to write a new post here.

Nursing professionalism

is simply the act of conforming to standards of conduct and practice which also requires a continued positive approach and attitude for clients and patients.

It does look simple and easy to follow but a lot of things or issues however are already on the way blocking and affecting ourselves to maintain nursing professionalism.

One is how we are seen as professionals in the public for the fact that ever since, nurses are known as “handmaids” of the other medical profession. The other is our own individual issues every time we face our different patients at a hospital.

When significant others of your patient or simply the watchers yell and tease you while you are doing your nursing task, do you think nursing professionalism will still be on your mind?

When you are assigned with a patient suffering from leprosy, how will you be able to maintain nursing professionalism thinking of the possibility that it could infect you as well?

Tendencies are you either will do a “walk out” to avoid the people or even ask for another patient assignment, right? Now, where did nursing professionalism go?

It is a sad fact that most nurses especially the newly grads have not built a strong foundation (nursing professionalism) yet (and I am still one of them for a fact that I haven’t gotten any nursing job yet to prove something) thus, they stand weapon less during situations mentioned above crippling their first and foremost duty which is to serve the public.

Do you have what it takes to be a professional nurse?

How were you able to maintain nursing professionalism then?

To know all about this, let us take the step together toward maintaining nursing professionalism here.