Happy New Year Nurses!

The long Christmas break had saved enough energy for me to start the new year with a bang. In order to accomplish it, this is then, where the numerous traditions enter following the most popular one, the so called “palihi” on the first day to usher positivity or luck in the new year ahead. It is like doing something productive on the first day to somewhat attract the same productivity for the rest of the days of the year. In my case, I wanted consistency on my nurse duty attendance. What I did, I took my first shift on January 1.

To much of my surprise, it was actually a holiday for volunteer nurses plus my nightmare to be re-assigned was finally put to reality.

At the back of my mind, “What kind of “palihi” will I be doing if everything is new?” How can I actually be productive in this unfamiliar situation? Snapping my fingers for positivity, I guess this is what New Year really is, breaking out of your current comfort zone and becoming comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.

But, Why Pediatrics of all wards or departments available in the hospital?lol From a previously reassigned Surgery Ward nurse, this is got to be the biggest transition I’ll ever have. From the peaceful mostly Adult ward to a full packed pediatric party, this badly needs one talented nurse to host the show.haha Talking about the medications, I’m back to aiming once again that Casio vintage watch with a calculator (the only thing that excites me). Well, enough said. Thanks to the whole “palihi” thing, I am now initially acquainted to the new ward.

Happy New Year nurses! Come back as I solve my new ward medication dilemmas. Here’s a message from all the nurses out there.

source: allnurses.com