September 2017 EB-3 US Visa for Nurses in the Philippines

September 2017 EB-3 US Visa for Nurses in the Philippines: November 1, 2015

september 2017 eb-3 us visaGood news! September 2017 EB-3 US Visa priority dates for nurses in the Philippines have tremendously gone five months of forward progress from last month’s priority date of June 1, 2015 to the current month’s November 1, 2015.

Now is the Time to Get in the Queue

With the fast progress of EB-3 US Visa priority dates, now is the time to get in the queue. There is not much time left to set aside your plans of taking NCLEX. So before the cut-off dates would soon again retrogress, act now.

At the same, you also have to start searching for a good employer who is currently filing visa for well-qualified nurses. There are tons of agencies that are filing hundreds of new EB-3 petitions each month. In addition, employers, companies or institutions which provide direct hire EB-3 Visa Green Card Opportunity are constantly looking for nurses and are willing to sponsor the petition. Once you have been qualified, you will be given 6 months to take the NCLEX to fill in the spot.

So, what are you waiting for nurses?


For a brief overview, the United States regulates immigration by capping the number of foreign nationals welcomed into the country each year. Each person must have his/her own personal immigrant visa number in order to live permanently in the United States. A foreign national can seek an Immigrant Visa at a U.S. Consulate outside the U.S., or file for an Adjustment of Status with USCIS inside the U.S.

The employment-based visas (EB-3) is the visa intended for qualified healthcare professionals such as nurses.

PRIORITY DATE – Def: Priority date is a United States immigration concept – it is the date when a principal applicant first reveals his intent of immigration to the US government. For employment-based, such as EB-3, immigration beneficiaries, the priority date is the date an immigration petition is filed at USCIS, under categories where a labor certification is not required (Schedule A occupation including nurses), or when the United States Department of Labor receives a labor certification application, under categories where a labor certification is required. In all cases, the priority dates are not established until USCIS approves the immigration petition. The date establishes one’s place in the queue permanent residency permit (also known as “green card”) application.

Source: Passport USA