How To Make Sterile Cherry Balls Like a Boss

Cherry Sponges

Sterile cherry balls are ideally called cherry sponges that are small, round balls of tightly wrapped cotton tape with a radiopaque center. They may look similar to a peanut but are more tightly wrapped and stiffer. These sponges are used for blunt tissue dissection. Cherries are always mounted on a clamp for use. They should never be allowed to be loose on the field, table or Mayo stand due to their small size; they easily could be lost into the wound. Cherries comes five to a package.

Sterile Cherry Balls

In actual setting, cherry sponges are alternatively created into sterile cherry balls or commonly known as gauze sponge. Instead of wrapped cotton, it’s a piece of gauze folded into a cherry-like ball. It’s commonly used in most dressing due to its excellent absorbency rate compared to cotton.

sterile cherry balls
Indeed, I felt like a boss after making this pair of cherry balls because the gauze material I used is considered as not-that-cherry-ball-ready.hehe

How To Make Sterile Cherry Balls Like a Boss

There are different ways to make your own sterile cherry balls. Mostly, plasters are used to secure the ends, however, the absorbency rate is usually affected. So the proper technique to create sterile cherry balls is below:

The procedure is pretty simply similar to how you fold your undergarments or socks. Also, the technique is now being used folding clothes when travelling to minimize space in your travel bag.

As a note, this procedure should be performed in a sterile area on a mayo table and sterile gloves should be worn.