3 Things Why You Should Review for NCLEX at Techno Intellect Review Center, Cagayan de Oro

intensive nclex review, techno intellectFinding the best review center that matches one’s special needs is probably the most challenging one in the NCLEX journey but below are three things as to how Techno Intellect Review Center can help ease the problem.

  1. Techno Intellect is the Only Review Center in Cagayan de Oro that Offers Intensive NCLEX Review Classes
  2. Yup, you read that right. I, for one, can prove that because it took me hours to several days just to find one but I couldn’t. Even in my hometown, Cebu, only one review center which is not even Cebu based but in Manila that offers intensive NCLEX review once a year. Although, there are review centers nearby in Davao, Iloilo and etc that have ongoing Intensive NCLEX review classes, tune in to the next number for my second reason why I would still stick with Techno Intellect Review Center.

    intensive nclex review, techno intellect

    Moving on, Techno Intellect Intensive NCLEX Review is good for 20 days. It’s a comprehensive intensive NCLEX review that covers everything from fundamentals down to nursing issues (advance directives, etc). It’s not purely lecture since it also includes an assessment test, daily pre and post tests, weekly comprehensive exams, one mock exam and of course, graduation (with food.haha). Classes start from 8am to 5pm, from Mondays to Saturdays.

    So, this type of class is perfect for nurses who are currently not working or who have just resigned from hospital work because you can totally focus in the review.

  3. Techno Intellect is the Only Review Center that consists of USRN Lecturers who are currently working or have worked as nurses in US
  4. Who else can actually teach the basic NCLEX concepts other than nurses who have actually worked in the US Hospital setting? So enrolling in Techno Intellect Review Center is such a great opportunity because there are two NCLEX Coaches who can help you clarify the difference between the nursing practice in the US setting from our own. Khareen Linao, RN, USRN from Houston, Texas is the Intensive NCLEX Review coach while Michael Ray Ungab, RN, USRN from San Antonio, Texas is the Regular NCLEX Review coach.

    intensive nclex review, techno intellect

  5. Techno Intellect Now Offers Intensive Weekend-Only Review Class
  6. Because not all nurses have the luxury to resign or apply for a one month leave just to attend the 20-day Intensive NCLEX review, Techno Intellect now offers Intensive Weekend-Only Review Class on Saturdays and Sundays. The first batch will be this coming weekend, January 19 to March 24, 2019. It’s still good for 20 days, the only difference is that the classes are on the weekends.

    This should have been my choice if this was already available last year.

For more details, please visit Techno Intellect Review Center at 2F Monte Carlo Bldg. Corrales- Hayes Sts, 9000 Cagayan de Oro, Philippines or their Facebook page or contact the following number +639177042946