Download Hemodialysis Monitoring Time Tracker Checklist

DownloadHemodialysis Monitoring Time Tracker Checklist Printable I’m now at my second module in my Nephrology nurse training which means we’re now in the the clinical setting applying the lessons learned and mastering the needed skills. Previously working from a hospital, clinic or center is a total different environment and the first thing I need to […]

Took the First to Becoming a Dialysis Nurse | Understanding HBsAg, Anti-HBsAg and Anti-HCv Screening Results

Hemodialysis Training in Cagayan de Oro So, I finally took a leap and decided to take a different path in my nursing career–to become a nephrology nurse. I cannot contain my excitement to be part of Global Nephro Training Center’s September 2015 batch in their Cagayan de Oro branch, Nephrology Cneter Cagayan de Oro (NCCDO). […]

Nurse Germz
CNN, USRN is a living proof of my nursing career journey. Created the same year I became a Registered Nurse in 2011 in the middle of my online job, all because I couldn't find a real nurse job aside from being a Volunteer Nurse. It was my medium of finding my first nurse job and a sanctuary to my fellow nurses in having their own as well. But isn't it ironic that the very person behind this blog took 5 years to become a Staff Nurse?

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