A Filipino-Chinese Nurse Dead on the Dot at Davao

RIP Nurse Marjorie Kwan

justice for nurse marjorie kwan

Death as inevitable it can be has already been part in our lives as nurses. Like a typical event, it happens anytime in our duty or at any department in the hospital. As much as we want to save and assist the doctors to even give a little extension to what is called โ€œlifeโ€, we canโ€™t.

The hard part is we are even the first few people to be approached by the significant ones asking if everything is okay.

Now the hardest part is when that person on death bed is one of us, a registered nurse whose life was taken at the hands of bad people.

Robbers like death are inevitable as well because even in the most typical time in the morning, they are just around the corner waiting for a signal or a victim. That was exactly what happened a while ago to Nurse Marjorie Kwan, a Filipino-Chinese nurse.

11:30, Saturday in the morning on her way home to RGA Village, Paciano Bangoy, a motorcycle out from nowhere came and attempted to steal her bag.

As expected, there was refusal in giving the bag and on the dot, Nurse Marjorie Kwan was shot dead sustaining four woundsโ€”hand, back, head and chest.

Senior Inspector Ronald Lao, chief of Sta. Ana police stated the event took place for only one thing, robbery and the refusal must have prompted the shots. Unfortunately, there were no leads yet as to who the suspects are.