What You Can Get From Kan Guard

The KanGuard policy is a protection product and does not contain any savings or investment components. It provides death benefit, disability benefit, or surrender benefit (if this policy has a cash value).

What you can get

You can claim the following benefits while this policy is active. 100% of the benefit amount will be given if all of the following conditions are met:
– the insured person dies as a direct result
of an accident, including terrorist act; and
– the death occurs within 180 days from the
date of the accident, including terrorist act.
– the insured person suffers any disabilities due to a terrorist act;
– the disability is confirmed by a medical practitioner; and
– the disability occurs within 180 days from the date of the terrorist act.
On the other hand, cash value of this policy is giben to the policy owner if the policy owner requests to end this policy before its expiry date which then, cannot reinstate this policy after the surrender benefit is paid.

How You Can Claim

When the unexpected happens, call 24/7 Customer Connect Hotline at
+632 8888 8388. An assigned claimant to a Claims Ambassador to assist in the process.

To make a claim for this policy, signed claim forms and and some information are needed. Without it, request will not be processed. It should be done within 90 days after the insured
person’s death or diagnosis of a disability as it is difficult to assess claims after the 90-day period.

The claim will not be declined or reduced if there were good reasons for not submitting on time. Claims may be delayed or even declined if we receive them after 90 days unless there were good reasons for not submitting on time. Don’t risk it!

What They Pay

They will assess the claim, and if it is valid, they will pay the benefits less any premiums
due from this policy.

Benefit limit

They will pay a maximum of ₱500,000 only across all your KanGuard policies. All premiums
paid for any excess coverage will be refunded without interest earnings.

What they do not cover

This policy has certain exclusions. These are situations where we will not pay the benefit.

-When the insured person committs any illegal or unlawful act
(including terrorist acts).
-When the claim arises from war or
any act of war (whether declared or not), or any civil or military uprising.