December 2011 NLE Result!

Days from now and Nursing will make history again as hundreds of them will be officially called a Registered Nurse during the coming December 2011 NLE Result. The question is when?

december 2011 nle result
December 2011 NLE Result

I became a Registered Nurse myself last year and I remember the pressure, the nervousness I felt during this day and onward until the day of NLE Result. Thus, I assume there will be no big difference to the dates of the release from last year and now.

But let us talk a few stuffs you might want to hear. A little of trivia?

Last year during December 2010 NLE, a fire had struck a boarding house where 9 nursing students were bound to take the said exam. Then, again history seemed to repeat itself, it was not another fire incident but more on earth and water incident. You must have already heard the Typhoon Sendong which occurred a day before December 2011 NLE a small difference from what happened a year ago. No deaths were reported but a group of Nursing Reviewees at a particular boarding house were almost trapped at a room where the flood water level had reached up to their neck level. Imagine the terror of no electricity. All of them were girls but good thing the boys at the top floor level heard them and made a hole at their floor to get each and everyone from there. Everyone rested at the rooftop.

I am having goosebumps right now as I try to relate both the incidents so I can just imagine the aftermath which is the December 2011 NLE.

Well, the aftermath is almost over and soon you will be facing the real stuff which is the December 2011 NLE Result. Take it right here. You can get updates here at Nurse Germz.

God Bless Nurses!