RN Heals 5 This March 2013, Are You Ready?

Which batch are you currently applying for? Is it for RN Heals 4 or RN Heals 5?

Yup, it is true. While everybody is so absorbed applying for the current batch of RN Heals, some might get in for the coming batch, RN Heals 5. Why? Read on.

It is pretty obvious that RN Heals 4 is effective this coming January 2013. However, updates from some corners of the online community seems to complicate it more. That how come some areas will still start a little late as March 2013, than what has been planned and scheduled. So, here is a print screen.

rn heals 5

This is a print screen from RN Heals Misamis Occidental Region. Now, that clears everything.

RN Heals 5 might have been born to accommodate RN Heals nurses exclusive for the community effective this coming March 2013.

Obviously, RN Heals 4 is exclusive for hospital-based duties.

So, Which batch do you want to get in? RN Heals 4 or RN Heals 5?

Or is it both for more chances of winning?

God bless Nurses for RN Heals 4 and RN Heals 5.