It’s always during these months when an update for RN Heals usually arrives starting from September down to October. It’s just this year in which rumors start to spread first, even faster than the real updates.

Rumors for RN Heals 2014

RN Heals 2014
from nurses in Nurse Germz Fb Page

  1. No more RN Heals?
  2. Half of the current batch of RN Heals 4 in the hospital will be upgraded to regular staff nurses
  3. Salary for RN Heals will be increased to PHP16,000

We all hear such rumors everywhere and it’s nationwide because nurses from different Regions keep asking the same rumors but in their own different story. Whatever it is, there are no updates yet to confirm such. The real update is below…

Updates for RN Heals 2014

RN HEALS 2014 is now changed to NURSES TO THE BARRIOS. There will be no more hospital rounds but will be purely community service. This is open to all RNHeals any batch. Basing from the updates from my place, Region 10, Rn Heals 2014 or Nurses to the Barrios is now accepting for its next batch of applicants. Written exams start at the end of the month, November. Passing is 75%. Applicants must submit hardcopy of PDS and other documents as attachment to letter of application. For nurses who pass, an interview will then be scheduled starting December. Updates for your own Region might be available soon. You can as well update me at Nurse Germz fb page to spread it to everyone.

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