12 Rights of Medication Administration

12 Rights of Medication Administration? It is the easiest to memorize, I tell you.

However, that is applicable only when exams will be tomorrow.

A few weeks to months later, goodbye verbatim 12 Rights of Medication Administration because it will already be transferred to Recycle bin and will just be restored once needed again.

So, how exactly are we, nurses going to accomplish that to remember the 12 rights of medication administration anywhere, anytime even when we are sleeping? What I suggest, write a letter to PT. RED. Clueless? Read below.

Remember this: Every time you are going to recite the 12 Rights of Medication Administration, always start with “Dear pt. RED”.

Dear Pt. RED is actually an acronym formed by the first letters of the 12 rights. Because we are fond of calling names or really good with names, why not use it for academic benefits.

And I tell you, at the end of this post, you would not even take a little effort of memorizing each description per letter acronym. Let’s start?

Right to


D ocumentation

E valuation

A ssessment

R eason


P atient

T ime


R oute; refuse

E xpiration date; education

D rug; dose

To visualize it more, here is another picture. (because most nurses are visual learners)

The rights are as well group accordingly. If you can observe, the “DEAR” rights are almost part of the nursing process (documentation, evaluation, assessment). Just by that, you already get three points if ever the test type will be enumeration. The “RED” on the other hand, are more on the patient’s side (route, refuse, education, expiration date, drug, dose). Then, we are left with “PT”.

So the nursing tip regarding the 12 rights of drug administration is not just pure acronym, it is also a mix of association. Associating the nursing process and so on.

What are you going to do again every time you are going to recite the 12 Rights of Medication Administration?