Filipino Nurses To Work In USA Idle Until 2020

The dream of Filipino Nurses to set foot on the land of USA may temporarily be idle until 2020.

As Arnel Ty, party-list Rep have mentioned, “Right now, they have ample supply of US-educated nurses”

Now nightmares are slowly becoming reality for nurses that the American Dream they have held on for long since the first time they took up nursing is temporarily unavailable. A snap to reality that USA is not after all a perfect country that could maintain the generosity of accepting Filipino Nurses all the time without even the urge of “fullness”.

Because from 2006-2011, USA have produced to almost millions of nurses according to America’s National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

But obviously a better country since in just a matter of 8 years, American Dream will be right back on track. The span of years calculated when thousands would have already retired.

Filipino Nurses To Work In USA Idle Until 2020The American Dream

Actually, it’s the same dream I had even before I took up nursing and so does yours.

In fact, the 2006-2011-scenario is not anymore new to me because my years in nursing right then and there were perfectly calculated and somehow predicted. So by the time I graduated in 2010, I still have a year in pursuing that dream.

What most people missed are the unexpected realities that might happen along the way because we are too much absorbed with the dream.

It’s already year 2011, now what? Still unemployed and so does thousands of other nurses.

If our country until now hasn’t fully solved the problem yet, then neither America can give an answer. They as well have their own nurses and ever since their 1998 shortage of nurses has been already slowly filled up by their own blood of nurses plus the surge of the foreign-educated practitioners.

Funny it is when it is just now that the Commission on Higher Education and the Professional Regulation Commission are influencing high school graduates to eschew nursing. Too late because the batches before them are way too over already.

Who else to blame?

Ty pointed fingers to regulators for their late response to such labor market conditions.

For he stressed, “They should be more aggressive in researching and projecting future labor market conditions, both here and abroad, to help guide young Filipinos as to potential career paths. Regulators are just reacting to what is already happening, such as the apparent glut of nursing graduates. Their late advisories would be more valuable once these are predictive and instructive, rather than merely reactive.”

The Plan?

There was already a plan the time Ty filed House Bill 4582 seeking expanded version of the Nurses Assigned in Rural Service or NARS which they themselves described as “short-lived.”

And from what I have observed, “short-lived” was as well applied to the remaining new programs like RN Heals.

Now what? Another Special Program for the Employment of Nurses in Urban and Rural Services (NURSE)? Yup to again set action for the mobilization of a total of 10,000 practitioners yearly as Ty said.

Fingers crossed. Hopefully.