Giveaways for Nurse Bloggers and Nurse September Birthday Celebrants

Hello Nurse Bloggers and Nurse September Birthday Celebrants,Online Nurse Magazine

Behind the soon to be published Online Magazine is a nurse blogger wishing to extend to fellow nurse bloggers out there. This September or Pilot issue is intended for all of us, nurse bloggers and to every nurse attached in the online world or market.

In celebration of the blogger’s birthday too, I’m inviting everyone who are also September celebrants to take a few minutes and answer the question, “How does a nurse celebrates his/her day?”

The Birthday celebrant form is circulated throughout the whole month of September. So whether your day falls during the last days of the month, don’t worry, you can still take part of it.

And guess what, Nurse Germz in collaboration with Personalized Accessories is giving away special gifts for this Pilot issue.

Two of the 5 giveaways are exclusive for nurse bloggers and nurse September Birthday Celebrants. So, think of it, the random selection is based from the total number of people who will fill up the forms. That means a greater chance of winning.

So what are you waiting for? Click and Like the pages of Nurse Germz and Personalized Accessories and start filling up the forms below:

For Nurse Bloggers, fill up the form here:

For Nurse September Celebrants, fill up the form here:

Check back this coming September 1 for the online launching of this magazine. 3 Giveaways are as well to be given for the rest of the nurses here. You might just be one of the lucky nurses. See yah!