Philhealth CARES Successful Applicants

Philhealth CARES Successful Applicants just got a call from their respective regional offices earlier today.

Today must be the first day.

Philhealth Cares Successful applicants

According to Nurse Germz facebook page from one of the comment threads, the main office will forward the successful list to the different Philhealth CARES regional offices. They themselves are as well waiting for the list.

And just earlier today, the “calling” and “informing” of the following Philhealth CARES Successful Applicants has just started. The following regions that have started the phone calls are:

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Region 4a
Region 4b
Region 5
Region 6
Region 7
Region 9
Region 10
Region 11
Region 12

The prolong waiting would soon end so make sure your cellphones are properly working and always turned on.

This is to clarify that the above information are purely based from my facebook page which can either be true or not. The final say or result would still come from the main Philhealth main office.

The purpose of this information is to update you with the Philhealth CARES Successful Applicants.

For more updates, keep posted at Nurse Germz facebook page.