How to Make Money Online Writing Articles for Nurses

Because of the hard fact that Filipino Nurses need to suffer the so called “unemployment status”, tons of ideas and strategies as to how to make money either online or offline is the continuous challenge brought in front of us. We all have undergone this stage but only a fraction has managed to succeed and find the solution in the end.

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I am a nurse as well and proudly admit that I am part of the fraction. I gladly accepted the challenge and have discovered the mystery behind online and internet marketing. And did you know that there is a bunch of ways on how to make money online? Yes it is true and right now I am close to the finish line.

But as a Filipino, it would be a selfish kind of success if I continue on my journey without even sharing it to you, my colleagues and fellow nurses. So, behold as I list down all the stuffs for you to get started and ways on how to make money online.

How to Make Money Writing Articles

You must already have an idea that as a blogger, writing articles other than blogging is also part of my earnings. Who wouldn’t when it is such a painless and genuine way to make money online? You only spend a few minutes from your day writing 400 to 500 word articles and your dollars are on their way of finding you. However, the reasons why you have not started yet are the questions that are bugging you as to what and how to make money writing articles? Other than that are low self esteem answers such as “I am not a good writer” or “I don’t have such talent.”

#1 Writing is a Skill

Those answers are just dumb reasons and invalid excuses because in the first place writing is never a talent. It is a skill. One major difference between the terms is that you learn more as you keep on doing it. Think of this way, you can never have a solo concert if you are born with a frog-like voice but you can publish a book at the age of 30 because starting right now, you’ll start writing and reading at the same time. Did you get the idea?

#2 Internet is Free

Internet is for free unless if you do not have an internet connection at home or you are the one paying for the internet, then that would be another story. How to make money online through writing articles is as easy as 1 2 3. You only need a connection, your own laptop or PC as long as you have the right to use it most of the time and dedication. Since all the information you get in the internet is for free, then might as well use it to make money online, right?

#3 The Benefits of Home-Based

My most favourite is the benefits you get on working home-based. No fare, food and other unnecessary expenses because you are getting all the benefits and the comfort of staying at home. The only enemy here is boredom and antisocial issues but you’ll get along with it especially when you start to earn big big dollars already.

Those are the 3 stuffs you need to think nurses before you finally follow the steps on how to make money online.

You have to see it in a broad perspective first before getting into the details for a more fruitful and more successful journey in the online and internet world. I did and I’ll still keep doing it.