Online Jobs: Alternative Jobs for Nurses

This post must be very ironic since people from the other side of the world are dying for escape and thinking of ways to be not stuck forever in a hospital or medical facility while the situation here in the Philippines is different because we do not have a choice but to think of alternatives jobs for nurses while waiting to finally land in a nursing job.

alternative jobs for nurses
alternative jobs for nurses

But the problem is when we try to set out in the open to find alternative jobs for nurses, our skills just do not match in the general population narrowing down to choices we can’t even complain. Such like:

  1. Call Center Agent
  2. Medical Representative
  3. Online Jobs

In my case because of my quest to support myself now that I am already a professional, I need to find one even the alternative jobs for nurses like me. I have tried applying number one but I can’t seem to land one, then number two (not exactly as a MedRep but a Marketer), I also did but for several days only. So what’s left is number 3 which until now is my main income which somehow is comparable to the traditional jobs and could be greater than nurses’ salary.

Then let us talk about Online Jobs as alternative jobs for nurses. Banner 300x250

So far this is the site that worked for me. I have tried, but I never had my luck. I have had 2 alternative jobs for nurses from that site. I guess three.

  1. Trackin Representative
  2. Article Writer
  3. Affiliate Marketer

My salary for the first one was $40 per week. It was already enough since it was my first ever job to receive a salary. The second one which is still my current is so far so good, $250 a month just for writing articles. Then the last one was $50, but I was only up to the training since I can’t do two jobs at the same time. I used to have a part time article writer working 4 hours a day for 5 days writing 3-4 articles for 1,5K weekly salary but did not turn out well becauseagain  I can’t do both things at the same time.


So I see nothing with online jobs to consider as alternative jobs for nurses when you are actually earning for good.

What you need to do for a headstart of these online alternative jobs for Nurses!


1. Get an Account at Banner 125x125

  • Sometimes the site does not work with Google Chrome so try using Mozilla if you are having a hard time signing up

2. Fill Up Your Account Religiously

  • The trick here is not exactly to fill out necessary data but filling out with art. (haha. Iyong tipong may mga halong ka.eklavu) Why?
  • The Employers are as well searching for Employees and they might be reading your account. So, if you filled it out nicely with beautiful words (You know what I mean), you’ll have a great chance to be offered with a job.
  • Example: Me. Until now, I am still receiving job offers. So instead of applying and sending emails to employers, I just usually reply to the job offers if they suit me.

3. Find A Job

  • is not like a that when you find a job, you’ll just have to click a button and your resume is on its way to the employer.
  • Like a traditional job search, you take note of the contact details especially the email address once you find a job suitable for you.

4. Apply Through Email

  • This is where you will use then the contact details you noted from the previous number.
  • You follow the instructions from the Job hiring post.
    • What to put on the subject.
    • The needed stuffs you need to accomplish


5. Don’t usually expect that you can immediately get online alternative jobs for nurses. The tip is to send as many as you can so by the time you get more than one replies, you have a number of choices.


The other necessary stuffs in online alternative jobs for nurses!


1. Google Account or Skype Account

• Sometimes employers request the two top accounts as your future means of communications.
• Other softwares or online accounts are then introduced depending on the type of job you applied for.

2. Method of Payment

Paypal is the number one method of Payment.
• Don’t Worry, it is easy to get one. If you have questions regarding this, comment below and I can make another post for this.