Merge Nursing Review Free Nursing Seminars Series

Free Nursing Seminars always come handy in nursing careers.

Yup, totally! You get to write and list more for your resume and one page may not be enough. Or just by the fact of seeing a long list of seminars on your resume or CV makes you more than what you are, additional credentials if that is what they are suppose to mean.

And so I got a request, suggestions or questions both from my Nurse Germz Fb page and my site asking for a list of nursing seminars and most importantly those that are free.

Honestly, I have not really felt the importance of nursing seminars and the requirement to attend one since way back in our 4th year nursing college, we had a subject particular for that stuffs. So even though we lose the nerves of constantly attending to seminars organized by our fellow batch mates, we had no choice but to attend. The end result, the training and seminar part in the resume is so far the most challenging to list all those seminars one by one and have a photocopy each as well.

Then, talking about free nursing seminars as that was the real request, the first thing that popped in my mind was review centers because again during our review, they do conduct free nursing seminars altogether with our nursing review class.

Fortunately, I found just what you are looking for. Check this Merge Nursing Review Center conducting their free Nursing Seminars Series entitled “DECODE: UNLEASHING THE TOPNOTCHER IN YOU!”. Although, the title seems to be unfriendly “MERGE NURSING REVIEW CENTER invites all nursing graduates who will take the JULY 2012 Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination” as if only inviting those who are to review for July NLE I confidently invite everyone.hehe Anyway, to an expected number of people to join in their Free Nursing Seminars, they can’t even notice it.

Nursing Seminars

Their free nursing seminars series actually comprise 5 different topics equivalent to 5 seminars focusing more on the tips and strategies for NLE. Well, it’s the paper or the certificate you are after (after all). Good thing snacks are also free. Complete info follows.

VENUE: MERGE MAIN (Quezon Avenue)
28 AM Bldg., Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
741-1336 | 742-0022

February 19, 2012
Conquering the NLE: Test Taking Strategy by: Mr. Francoruss Llanto, RN, USRN
Discover the secrets in passing the board exam with these test taking strategies! No more mini-miney-mo style in passing the board exam, just pure lightning-fast analysis!

February 26, 2012
Insights to NLE: Psychiatric Nursing by: Mr. John Vincent Dorado, RN, USRN
Learn the important keys in psychiatric nursing applied in the board exam!

March 4, 2012
Simply O.B. by Ms. Melanie Tapnio, RN, MAN
Maternal Health Nursing… Made easy! Literally!

March 11, 2012
Anatomy of the Nurse Licensure Exam by Mrs. Anaski Marquez, RN, MAN
Unravel the parts of NLE and discover how to survive the board exam jungle!

March 17, 2012
I.M.C.I. Incredibly Made Easy as ABC by Ms. Rhea Mallari, RN, MAN
Honed your competency skills and familiarize yourself in the IMCI concept in just a breeze!

This free nursing seminars series are inclusive of a FREE SNACK and CERTIFICATE.

Call time will be at 8:45 AM. Walk-in registration only. Free of charge!
For inquiries, kindly call: 741-1336 | 742-0022 | 0916-7533900 | 0921-9526710 | 0922-8996668

If you feel like you’ll be getting lost, then here’s a map.

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