Signs Are Getting Obvious For RN Heals 4

So, tomorrow is already the start of RN Heals 4 Recruitment and Selection. But in my case, I have not even started filling up yet the RN Heals 4 application form. And I could not remember anymore as to which folder in my laptop I have saved it. In short, I am so not prepared. But at least, I have a couple of valid reasons. Below are some.

  • I have a day job as a Registered Nurse / Medical Provider. I’ll add one more slash as Travelling Nurse. Every Monday, I travel en route to the outskirts of nowhere. That means, I am away from home for a week and only in weekends do the people at home get to see me.
  • And when I am at home on weekends, it is the best time and the only time to settle the orders of my online shop.
  • Plus, there’s more… Even at night time when I am away for work, I work out my blogs, part time online jobs and all.
  • All these to support the supposedly enough nurse salary once I finally land the dream nurse job somewhere (*wink). So, for the meantime, I’ll go over full time.

Now, you get the idea as to why I have not took a glimpse yet with the RN Heals 4 application form rotten in my laptop for days already. But here is what I am going to ask first.

RN HEALS 4 Recruitment and Selection

Do you ever believe in SIGNS? Yup, what people most likely call destiny when even stranded in the middle of a desert, you get to see a flower or a rose somewhere because it is what you ask for a sign?

But it is different in my case because I never asked something. But it is the weird things happening that I should be starting to keep watch for. THE SIGNS!


As I have shared a while ago, my areas for work are at the outskirts of Northern Mindanao. But what happen was… Our area assigned for Oct 29 onwards will be actually in Cagayan de Oro. (OM) I am not getting assuming but it seems they’re giving me the time to pass for RN Heals 4. Plus, it falls on the first day of the recruitment and selection.

Then, a while ago… I guess I was just pretty assuming because I got a text that we’ll be in Iligan in the morning for an activity while back again in CDO in the afternoon. Either way, even if I’ll go or not, I still have time to pass in the afternoon. But the sad thing is I am so not prepared so how am I going to do this….mmmh I didn’t care reply yet as I am undecided.

The time, I arrived home a while ago before I started typing all these, I checked my bag and oops (OMG) then, I just got this where-did-my-phone-go reaction. Then, I left it at my boyfie’s home.


That’s it. Another sign. Well… There must be a reason why I left my phone there. (Mmmmh Left sounds “intentional”. Again.. again…) There must be a reason why I forgot my phone there. When in fact, I have not replied to any text sent from my workmates. When my plan really was to fully decide while going home then reply once I arrived.

But my phone is MIA (missing in action) and I can no way text any of them. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Simple, there is no way I am not gonna push through with the current batch for RN Heals.
Let’s get it on NURSES.
RN Heals 4, here we come.