Nursing Career Pain Rating Scale Infographics

It is literally a pain to see fellow co-nurses who are still unemployed until now. It seems the hard work dedicated during the whole four years in College of Nursing is useless.

Then, it just suddenly dawned on me that this is in fact the actual life of real nursing.

When before, all the ideal stuffs have been taught on us to know the standards and etc. That must have been the one contributing factor of thinking that nursing is gold, huh?

Well, let us just think back the days when we spend a little time with our patients who are in pain. We usually bring the Wong-Baker’s rating scale with us, right?

Since it seems it is us, nurses who are in pain right now, can the rating scale still be applicable?

So, I figured out making one?:-)

Nursing Career Pain Rating Scale Infographics

Nursing Career Pain Rating Scale Infographics, Nursing Infographics

What’s your pain scale?

The first ever infographic I made for this Nurse Germz site. I enjoyed much while making it so expect more soon.

Though in pain, it still can’t take away the fun from us. Nurses are fun in it’s nature. So have fun Nurses.


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