Finally Got a Life Insurance, Here’s How I did it

As a hemodialysis nurse, I’ve witnessed almost everything within the four corners of the hospital that I’m working. However, despite seeing worst cases of life and death situations right in front of me, I still haven’t come to a point of getting my own insurance. It’s not because I am not convinced yet, I just don’t have the patience to endure the long process of getting one plus the intimidating looks of the insurance agents. The bottom line is I am an introvert person.

Financial Security at Your Fingertips

FWD Philippines

However, just lately I came across with FWD Life Philippines (“FWD Life”), the first life insurance company licensed by the Insurance Commission of the Philippines under the new Insurance Code. They are focused on creating fresh customer experiences, with easy-to-understand products, supported by digital technology. They may not be the first to offer insurance products online but after experience the whole process myself, I am beyond amazed as how easy and convenient it really is because finally, I got a life insurance and it’s online! With that, now I “CAN DO” the things I want with no worries.

How To Buy online at Shop@FWD and get approved in minutes!

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Choose one Kanduu plan you want to purchase

  1. KanMend
    • Protection against 42 critical illnesses
    • Reward: 6 months’ unli KonsultaMD telemedicine
  2. KanLive
    • Essential funds and protection for your family
    • Reward: 1 year unli medical consults at Aventus clinics
  3. KanGuard
    • Payout for accidents or terror attacks, worldwide
    • Reward: 1 year global emergency services

Step 3: Click “Buy Now”

Step 4: Fill out the application form and upload one valid ID

Step 5: Review application form summary and product summary

Step 6: Pay online via debit or credit card

Step 7: Expect a welcome email and SMS

See how fast that was? So, if you’re like me, the not-so-pressured nurse in getting an insurance but just intimidated because of being an introvert in nature, you can now be secured at your fingertips! So, what are you waiting? There’s actually no waiting period while getting one because FWD Philippines secures you and your family in about the same time it takes you to finish singing two Christmas carols. Go get yours too!